Resident Rules

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Rules, Regulations and Requirements for Casa Occupancy


The following is a condensation of the basic requirements that apply to all homeowners, renters, and guests.

Groundskeeping, plants and external decor:

The Homeowners' Association maintains all areas outside patio walls (landscape maintenance). As a resident, you are responsible for the appearance of the sidewalks and driveways leading to your Casa, drip systems, plant or tree replacement and upkeep of all plants and trees within the confines of your patio walls. Plants and trees should be watered as needed (both inside and outside patio walls) to keep your landscape alive and vibrant. During severe drought conditions, please give them extra water.

Pets and animals:

Permissible house pets are limited to dogs, cats, and caged domestic birds. Cats and dogs MUST be leashed when out of doors. All droppings must be cleaned up, put in closed containers, and deposited in your own garbage dumpster. Pets should not cause a nuisance or undue noise.

Exercise caution if you feed birds. Excess food attracts rodents and vermin, and their droppings are injurious to our health. Hanging humming bird feeders are allowed, but they attract ants and other insects which have a tendency to get into houses. Be extra cautious of bees and things that might attract them. Remember that Africanized bees are present in our area.


All vehicles are to be parked inside the garage or in your own driveway. No mobile homes, motor homes, boats or trailers are to be kept or stored on the property, nor shall any vehicle be constructed, reconstructed or repaired on any street or outside any house. No recreational vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, or scooters are to be operated on any walkways or sidewalks, except vehicles used by the physically challenged. We recommend that no vehicles be parked overnight on the streets inside the complex (for safety reasons since there are no streetlights).

External decoration:

Decorative artwork visible by others from outside your property must be “tasteful” and in a Southwest motif. The Homeowners’ Association has the authority to ask you to remove any offending decorations. Please keep all your possessions inside the patio walls or within your garage.

Trash and Garbage:

Where possible, garbage containers should be kept inside your garage. Trash pickup is currently every Monday and Thursday mornings. Recycling pickup from our large community contain is every Thursday. Containers should be placed on the street side of the curb the night before, or early in the morning of pickup (they come as early as 5:30 am). Trucks pick up garbage mechanically, so take care to place the correct side facing into the street! Garbage NOT in containers is not picked up. No rubbish or debris is allowed to accumulate on, or adjacent to, any property.

Sound disturbances:

Please be mindful of your neighbor’s right to enjoyment of The Casas. Therefore, please refrain from making sounds that could disturb others. This includes from pets, social interaction or electronic sound-producing media.

If you have any questions, please call one of your board members.

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