Our Community Recycling

Effective January 19th 2011, The Casas Community offers its residents recycling! At the January 2011 Annual Meeting, the Board voted to have recycling available on our property. We are excited to be able to offer this earth-friendly waste disposal option to our residents.


Our green recycling bin is located on the Northeastern side of our property near the dog park.

Who can use the recycling?

Only Casa homeowners, their guests, or tenants are allowed to use the recycling. Any unauthorized dumping by non-residents will be prosecuted.

What can be recycled?

Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Cans & Glass (see specifications below) can be recycled. All materials MUST BE CLEAN. DO NOT BAG your recyclables (unless using paper bags), as plastic bags of ANY KIND are not accepted. It is important that we follow the recycling instructions in order to maintain this service. If this the guidelines are not followed our community risks losing this recycling program. Please see the specified list below for a detailed listing of acceptable materials.





  • Newspapers
    ~ including inserts

  • Magazines & phone books
    ~ Including inserts

  • Other Paper Materials

  • Computer & writing paper

  • File folders

  • Paper bags

  • Junk mail

  • Shredded paper
    ~ in clear bags

  • Thermal fax paper

  • Pet food bags

  • Cardboard / Chipboard

  • Corrugated boxes

  • Shoe boxes

  • Soda / beer boxes

  • Dry food boxes
    ~ cereal, cake mix, cracker boxes


  • NO wax-covered paper (frozen food) containers

  • NO facial or toilet paper

  • NO paper towels/napkins

  • NO diapers

  • NO carbon paper



  • Glass (clean)
    ~Only those which have contained food or beverages

  • Aluminum & Metal

  • Beverage cans

  • Tin & food cans

  • Foil food wrappers


  • NO light bulbs

  • NO pottery

  • NO window glass

  • No other glass than food or beverage containers



  • Plastics (clean)

  • Plastic containers
    ~ with code symbol 1 - 7

  • 2-liter soda bottles

  • Detergent bottles

  • Milk jugs

  • Clear food containers


  • NO plastic bags of ANY kind.

  • NO styrofoam

  • NO large 5-gallon buckets



  • NO hazardous waste

  • NO solid waste
    ~ including food, lumber, trimmings, appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing, etc.

  • No other plastics other than those specified


If you have any questions about what can and cannot be recycled, you can contact Republic Services at 480-627-2700, visit www.phoenix.disposal.com or contact an HOA Board Member.


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