Community Announcements

Garage Lights

REMINDER TO ALL CASA RESIDENTS:  Garage lights are used here in the Casas for safety and as a crime deterrent.  Bulbs and sensors are maintained by your HOA. Please be vigilant in assuring your garage lights are always ON after dark.  If you experience any problem with either the bulb or sensor, or notice your neighbors bulb is out, please contact board member Elly van Gelderen at 480-671-4605.  We appreciate your cooperation

Recycling Information

At the January 2011 Annual meeting, the Board voted and authorized a recycling program for it's residents. In an effort to avoid any increase in owners dues, the Board opted to have one large recycling container kept on property. Casa homeowners, their guests, and tenants are encouraged to use this service. There are specific guidelines to follow when utilizing the recycling service.

Please visit our Recycling page to learn more!


Pool Skimmer Reminder

Please remember that when using the pool NEVER REMOVE THE CLEANING SKIMMER FROM THE POOL. If the skimmer is removed, it will cause the pump to fail and cost all of our residents a great deal of money to replace it.


Meeting Minutes

The most recent meeting minutes are now posted and available for viewing and printing. On the list of minutes, you may see items with an asterik (*). These minutes are unapproved and not yet formally entered into our records. The Board has voted to post the most current unapproved meeting minutes on our website in an effort to keep our residents informed and up to date on our community.

Click here for meeting minutes


From time to time special circumstances arise within The Casas community that we need our residents to be aware of. We encourage our residents to check back to this page regularly to find out about current community issues.


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